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Businesses Mobilize Support Following Terrorist Attacks, Growing Humanitarian Crisis

Responding to the Terrorist Attacks in Israel

The WJC Chamber of Commerce – Trilateral Committee (USA.Israel.Brazil) strongly condemns the heinous attacks on Israel.

We extend our heartfelt condolences to the people of Israel and stand in solidarity with them as they battle the scourge of terrorism. We also know that as a result of these barbaric attacks on Israel, there is a growing humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

We are mobilizing support for the victims in partnership with leading humanitarian aid organizations and trusted government and private sector partners.

The WJC Chamber and the business community’s engagement can make a difference in providing humanitarian assistance during this difficult time.

We are committed to developing meaningful and high impact solutions to those affected by the crisis.

How You Can Help

If your company is looking to provide humanitarian support, the WJC Chamber of Commerce Foundation has a donation page that responds to the most immediate needs.

Please CLICK HERE to donate now.

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