World Jewish Confederation

The WJC is a 501C3 non-profit organization made up of cause-based staff and volunteers striving to preserve and sustain small Jewish communities. In order to sustain these communities it is important that we rekindle and develop a Jewish infrastructure that will accommodate and cultivate the rejuvenation of Jewish life so that people have a place to go, and for families to grow.

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International Business

One of the goals of WJC is to increase the global economy by opening opportunities for Certified kosher products exports to Israel, the USA, to Europe and Asia.

Safety & Security

Through information sharing, security awareness, training and security consultation, WJC strives to empower individuals and organizations in establishing a culture of security awareness, preparedness and resiliency throughout our communities.

Jewish Diplomacy

WJC Diplomatic activities focus on advocacy on WJC core topics, such as interfaith relations, combating the delegitimization of Israel, antisemitism and Holocaust legacy, as well as safeguarding human rights and minority rights.

international court of justice Committee


The American Jewish College is ready to start educating the sephardic Jews about their spiritual heritage identity, traditions, and religious practices.

Portugal & Spain have already granted citizenship to over 10,000 descendants of Sephardic Jews from Brazil, Turkey, Israel, Cape Verde and Angola. Israel, which used to provide Portugal with no more than a few dozen new citizens per year before 2015, provided 4,289 applications in 2018 — the second-highest number of any country after Brazil.

Affiliated Organizations

Jewish Chaplaincy Institute


Global Kosher Certification


18 Israel - Jewish News

Beit Yehuda Foundation


American Jewish College

Kehilat Kodesh Synagogue


School of Fine Arts

Jewish Children Choir



Commutal Security

Over the past ten years, attacking Jewish communities have become a part of every-day life in almost every corner of the world.

Jews of colors

Jews of colors: ‘We Don’t Feel Comfortable In The Synagogue’.


1879 recored anti-Semitic incidents in the United States in 2018.


11 US States now require holocaust education in schools.

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World Jewish Confederation

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